Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workstation Improvement

I'm so excited about this.  My brother works for Intel and he surprised me on Saturday with some new hardware for my workstation.  Not only am I ecstatic about getting to utilize Intel's newest, fastest processor, but I'm also elated that it's a processor my brother worked on.  This processor is beating everything else on the market right now.  It took most of Sat. to complete the hardware installation.  I never knew a Dremel could be so handy for such things.  I also highly recommend utilizing an Intel employee ;).
This upgrade has also forced me to switch to Windows 7.  I've had some difficulty reinstalling software, and some of it is still in process.  But for anyone who is trying to install Corel Painter 9.5.  I was able to do so by temporarily turning off the "User Account Controls" under the control panel. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Abandoned Work

Here are a few of my favorite "abandoned" work.  I have found that a lot of the work that I put on a hiatus has some sort of intrinsic issue that I haven't solved yet.  Some of them, I just know I am capable of coming up with something better, and they are just not worth the time it would take to finish them up.  However, that doesn't mean they are simply forgotten.  I have occasionally been able to cannibalize old abandoned work and give it a second life. 

I've also been working on updating the look of this blog.  Hopefully it will be more visually appealing and easier to read through.  I am going to try to post more consistently (once a week). 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012